Avisami Director speaks on Social Media in the US


LONDON, England - A-Marie Imafidon, one of the youngest ever computer and Mathematics Masters degree graduate from Oxford University has been invited to speak on her experiences consulting with enterprises on Collaboration and use of Social Media in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Anne-Marie is the eldest sister in the cerebral and record-breaking Imafidon family and is herself a world record holder in Computing, as the youngest to pass A-Level Computing at the tender age of 11, was selected as a pannellist for this year's prestigious Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference.

Her work in Social Media spans several years and started when she was at University. She has worked for clients, advising them on Social Media channels to use and content to post, and for a select few, actively managed their Social Media presences. More recently, she has taken on a role as Community Manager at a large investment bank, where she has been working to take the use of Social Media beyond marketing and support to knowledge management and inter-company networking - pioneering for the industry she's currently in. A-Marie is widely believed to be Oxford University's youngest Maths and Computer Science Graduate has also served on the Oxford Univeristy Committee alongside members who are old enough to be her grandfather. She now serves on Charity boards and writes widely on Social Entrepreneurship and Funding models.

In her spare time, at the weekend, she actively supports and volunteers in inner-city initiatives and projects, one of which is the Excellence in Education Programme, a non-for-profit alliance of charities, churches, schools and corporations who support the academic pursuits of disadvantaged students from disadvantaged backgrounds. She also writes a monthly blog.

A-Marie will be sitting on a panel with representation from Facebook, SAP and Salesforce.com in her Social Collaboration Track session. Last year's keynote speaker was Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook and the year before Carol Bartz, the then CEO of Yahoo took the stage.

A-Marie has spoken before - as early as 9 years old she has been leading technology seminars for professionals stateside. However, this panel is the first time that industry giants have come together to speak to the next generation of technologists about the use of Social Media in the Enterprise. This revolutionary use has been gathering pace across a number of industries and is being pioneered by technology companies - A-Marie will be the only individual from a financial institution on the stage.

 Her experience has come from extensive work with Communities of Practice and a Socail Collaboration Tool at Deutsche Bank: the core of her current role with the Global Investment Bank. Her ability to share and recall stories has earnt her a place on the prestigious panel.

A-Marie is "ecstatic" to have been chosen as a panellist, and commented "usually, our CEOs represent Deutsche Bank in such public arenas. To be chosen to represent the Bank at such a global event is a great opportunity to showcase how pioneering we are, and how innovative we have been. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and best practice with some of the most foremost people in the industry. I'm especially looking forward to joining the Open Source Hackathon at the close of the conference!"

Co-founded by Dr Anita Borg and Dr Telle Whitney in 1994 the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is the largest technical conference for women in computing. The conference results in collaborative proposals, networking and mentoring for women and increased visibility for the contributions of women in computing.

A-Marie will be speaking at 3.45pm (local time) on Friday 5th October at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD, USA.  Co-presented by the Anita Borg Institute and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), this year's conference theme, "Are We There Yet?", recognizes that technology and the culture of technology are continuously evolving but there are also concrete goals we are striving to achieve. More than 3600 women and men from over 35 countries in industry, academia, and government are expected to turn out for this year's event.


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